For most people, buying a horse is a very big commitment and ultimatley a long term relationship with a horse, something then that you should put a lot of time and thought into.

Also... for a lot of people deciding to breed from your mare, is a big decission and a lot to think about, how do you find a stallion to improve on your mare? will your mare be treated with the care and respect she recieves at home? the list can go on, and the more questions you can get answered the easier the process will be.

When I asked a good friend of mine to look at my website, and tell me from her point of view how I could improve it and make it more informative for viewers she came up with the idea of a "Testimonials" page, (thank you Tina). So, I asked a few people that had brought horses from Millpark, or had sent their mare to be put infoal, to write something that summed up their experiences of dealing with these services at Millpark Andalusian Stud, in the hope that it may help people in making the decission to buy a horse or send a mare to stud a little easier, a little less daunting, or a little less nerve racking.

I myself have been in the same possition as you in the past, and know of all the concerns you have, so my aim at Millpark is to help iron out all those niggling things that concern you, we try to make the experience of your mare visiting the stud as comfortable, relaxed and as close to her usual home routine as possible.

I have been breeding horse's from the age of 15 years old and owned my first pony at the age of 5 years old, thats a fair few years under my belt now! Over the years I have delivered, and produced over 150 foals of my own and I have had the experience of putting over 240 mares infoal.

When we sell a horse, we try to match the horse as best we possibly can to the customers requirements, abilities and temperaments, a lot is taken into consideration to ensure that we have a good match that gives a long and happy future together.

Please read through the following testimonials which I hope will answer some of your questions.....



"Buying an unseen foal from Millpark Andalusian Stud" .. I have had horses for over 25 years but developed a passion for the Andalusian breed around 8 years ago after a trail riding holiday in Andalusia. I was completely captivated by the beauty, temperament and capabilities of this wonderful breed and from that time, the seed was planted and I knew it was my dream to own one of these beautiful animals one day.

I spent the next 8 years learning as much about the breed and wangling as many training holidays in Spain as I could! The day came when I felt that I was ready to realise my dream. I particularly wanted a foal as I enjoy working with youngsters and building a bond from early days. I wanted to buy from the UK and started researching breeders. There were many studs breeding beautiful horses but Millpark Andalusian Stud seemed to provide the "total package"

Mandy's horses are stunning but I was also very impressed by her ethics and the way the horses are kept and handled. I wanted to make sure the horse I was purchasing had had the best start in life. I was so confident in the reputation of the stud that I contacted Mandy with my "wish list" before any of the 2015 foals were born. Mandy was very reassuring about the fact it was not practical for me (I live in the Highland Perthshire, Scotland) to travel to see a foal before committing to buying and supported me through every stage of the process with lots of information and regular updates. I have never brought a horse "unseen" before and I thought long and hard about it, but I can honsestly say, the whole experience could not have been better.

Mandy has been exceptionally approachable and helpful throughout and I am now the proud owner of a stunning colt foal Mill Arquero who has been part of our family for 3 months now and is a testament to his positive early experiences at Millpark. Arquero is a confident, friendly, well adjusted young man with a happy future ahead of him. It's now up to me to carry on the good work. Thank you Mandy for helping me to achieve my dream.



My journey towards finding my dream horse was really down to my mum whom had already become firm friends with Mandy Wheatcroft many years ago through their love for the Andalusian breed. Mandy had helped mum find her perfect horses and this is why Millpark was definitely the right place to start.

I really didn't want a horse that I knew nothing about - I needed confidence and needed to have trust in my horse which is why I made the trip (with mum) for another reunion and to go and meet Mill Unica.

Mill Unica (Nika) joined our family 9 months ago and I have to say she is amazing... very loving and intelligent.. but definitely her own funny character. We hacked out from day one and although she was excited/nervous of her new surroundings - what I liked about her is how safe she felt and when faced with any new challenge, Nika seemed to just deal with it all and move on.

The prospect of buying a horse is very daunting and a big investment and so everything had to be right - This is where Mandy's knowledge, experience and expertise shone through .. Mandy was so helpful and approachable. Nothing was too much trouble... the transaction went smoothly and was incredible easy!

Nika is such a special girl - I ADORE HER! I have to say you bred a beauty Mandy! .. I can't THANK YOU enough xxx



I never used to believe in Angels ... Unitl last August ... I was browsing through Facebook and saw a connection to a stud called Millpark Andalusians. Being as I was a fan of Andalusian horses I clicked on to it. Fascinated I started following their comments and photo's as I'd never owned am Andy. I'd had a lot of horses through my lifetime, having had a riding school, competed x-country, showjumping, eventing and point to pointing on a shoe string, and owned a variety of different breeds. The I saw some photo's of Millpark foals !!! Oh my !!! What stunning babies, I was instantly taken with them, their build, amazing colours and likeability. Knowing that Mandy (she incedentally is the Angel I was talking about) knew all about bringing up youngstock the way I would, I toyed with the thought of buying a foal ... (at my age! I told myself! you're bonkers!) I'd already had my eye on the beautiful Mill Balistica. My son said "Do it mum! you know you want to". Next ... phone call to Mandy, who was so warm and welcoming, discussed details, cheque in the post next day, and I hadn't even seen the foal! Only photo's! I trusted Mandy implicitly, I borrowed a horsebox in October, when Mandy told me Balistica was ready to leave the stud, and off I went. I was not disappointed, she was as cute as her photo's and so gentle. Loaded and travelled well and settled in at home with my saddlebred x Arab. Thank you Mandy, your horses have to be seen to be believed, kind, gentle, and willing to please, just like you! When I'm too decrept to ride my granddaughter will have a lovely riding horse! Mandy ... you are my Angel !



My journey with Millpark began last year, I was shown the website by a friend with the aim of buying a foal. Mandy kindly invited us over to view the foals and gave us plenty of time to enjoy all the gorgeous horses. While I was there I saw the most gorgeous horse that had been my dream horse since I was a child and decided in that moment that is what I truly wanted a golden horse and didn't want to compromise! Mandy said that particular one wasn't for sale and showed me another horse she had for sale. She was a stunner but I didn't feel that instant connection. I went home with a clear idea of what I wanted. I emailed Mandy and thanked her for the day and for also helping me realise what I wanted. So I went on the hunt for a golden Andalusian. Mandy emailed me a day or so later with a potential horse that wasn't actually prepared for sale as yet, the stunning Mill Real, well I was absolutely smitten. On an impulse I brought her, best decision I ever made, she is everything I could ever dream of and more! Stunning and the most kind natured filly I have owned in a long time! My journey with Millpark didn't end there, My first visit there I saw the cutest foal Mill Manchego, but I felt a horse that could begin work was a better option. I joined Mandy's official page on Facebook and kept seeing updates of this gorgeous boy and I was still drawn to him, all of a sudden I saw his price decrease and I couldn't resist! He came home in October 2014 and I am still in a flutter I have him! All I can say is Mandy is absolutely amazing, she is down to earth and so friendly! She makes time for you even after the sale, even have an invite to come down and get foal cuddles this summer (2015) Only downside to knowing Mandy is I am absolutely hooked to her horses and even thinking of putting Mill Real in foal once she has an established riding career! Mandy has made my dreams a reality, I will never go anywhere else for my horses that is for sure !!



I would like to share with everyone what a lovely experience I had when I met Mandy at Millpark Andalusian Stud. I have dreamed since a child of owning an Andalusian, after doing my homework, I soon learnt that Mandy had a fantastic reputation, so I gave her a call, Mandy spent lots of time speaking to me about her horses and invited me over. I really loved how Mandy had the same beliefs as myslef. All the horses were in beautiful condition and very well cared for, Mandy spent hours letting me see the horses and ask lots of questions, I fell in love with Mill Oriundo, so I came back and collected him promptly. After a month or so Mandy advertised Mill Aji, and it was love at first sight, so I spoke to Mandy and I brought him too. He has stollen my heart, and is the horse of my dreams, I keep in touch with Mandy and she happily answers any of my questions and is happy to share her knowledge. I would, and I do recommend Mandy to anyone interested in Andalusians as I know she will help every step of the way.



My journey to Millpark Andalusian Stud began after I had lost my Arab mare at the end of September. I was not in a hurry to find another horse as we were due to move to Wales and I just did not know in what direction I wanted to go. In mid-November I happened to pick up my husband's latest copy of BAPSH magazine, he has a PRE mare so I have ridden Andalusians before and I really like the breed. In that edition of the magazine there were a few photos of this years foals from various studs, and I kept going back to the Millpark photos and a idea started to form, I would like to have a foal, then my sensible head came into play, I have reached old age and was it really sensible as I would have to wait at least 3 years until I could ride it and I would be even older. I then went onto the BAPSH website to see if there were any horses that were already being ridden for sale and went onto Millpark Andalusians website and saw a horse for sale that I liked. I sent Mandy an email enquiring if the horse was still available, I had a really nice email back from Mandy to say that horse had been sold but if I told her what I was looking for she might have something suitable. Mandy then sent me details of Mill Rojizo a rising 5 year old gelding and included some photos and the more I looked at him the more I wanted to go and see him. A date wa arranged and we arrived at Millpark Stud on a very wet and windy day in December. We met Rojizo in his stable and he was very polite and well mannered. Mandy then lunged him for me and he behaved beautifully, he was then ridden in the sand school and he did not put a foot wrong, it was then my turn to ride Rojizo and he did not disapoint, he did everything I asked of him and was happy to stand and chat, my husband also rode him again he behaved very well. We then decided that he would be a lovely horse for me to bring on and compete in Dressage.

Mandy showed us Rojizo's sire and I can honestly say that I have never been in a yard of stallions where it was so calm and peaceful they were all so beautifully behaved. Rojizo has been with us now for 4 weeks and he is a joy to own. Mandy has produced Rojizo correctly resulting in a well-mannered and happy horse who is testament to her dedication in producing horses true to type and temperament and I would have no hesitation in recommending the stud to anyone who is considering an Andalusian.



I have owned horses for many years and also have a home bred boy, but have never actually brought a horse from a website or breeder. However when I found Mandy's website I have to say it was love at first sight. The beautiful cute little face staring back from the screen brought a tear to my eye. He looked so proud and so sure of himself and at this he was only a few months old.

I looked several times at the website, each time being drawn back to the pretty little colt. Eventually I plucked up enough courage to phone Mandy, not sure what really to expect from the call. Never having had any dealings with studs or the like, I was quite nervous, but talking to Mandy for the very first time, she put me at my ease immediately answering all my questions, some of which must have appeared quite daft to her.

I phoned her several times and finally we arranged a visit. I took a couple of friends with me as moral support, but from pulling onto the yard the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed.

As Mandy introduced me to the very handsome colt and his mum, the first thing that I noticed was how calm both were. Bearing in mind 3 strangers had just appeared over the door and were showing lots of interest in her son, mum was very laid back about the whole thing. Mandy opened the stable door and I went in to see them. How inquisitive was the pretty little boy! He was not nervous or pushy, both of which are endearing qualities to his nature, and to how well handled he was. Again mum was not phased and consideriong she was only 4 was very calm about a stanger in her stable with her foal. Again I put this down to Mandy's handling.

Mandy showed my friends and I the stallion as he was stabled nearby. He was so friendly and leaned agains the fence to have behind his ear scratched. He was so much a cool dude, and between mum and dad you could see where the foal has his good looks and temerament from.

Mandy again answered more questions from me and my friends, she was just so knowledgeable about the breed and their origins.

Mandy asked if we would like to see the rest of the stallions who were stabled close by. The obvious answer was "yes please".

Round the corner we went and there looking over a row of doors was a line of very handsome heads. Each stallion obviously his own character had a very calm outlook on life. Not one portrayed the attitude that is associated with stallions. Mandy's management, care and love for her horses speakes volumes and is obvious that all the horses are loved very much in deed.

Arrangements were made for me to collect the pretty little colt on weaning and when Mandy was happy that all was well and there was no stress for either mare or foal to be seperated a date was confirmed.

I was then on countdown crossing off the days until I was collecting him. He had grown so much when I saw him next but still as beautiful and cuddly as ever.

He loaded and travelled without a problem in fact he snuggled down in the straw and slept in the trailer on the way home. He unloaded without a problem and went into his stable where within 5 minutes of being home he was happily munching and looked so relaxed anyone would have thought he had been there for years.

I have had the gorgeous boy now for a few months, and he is a comical little man, so inquisitive and oh so smart. He has always appreared grown up for his age and has such a fan club. Everyone who comes to visit falls in love with him instantly. He has always been a people person and he just loves his adoring public.

I have been in contact with Mandy on numerous occasions not only to keep her updated with pictures but also on the progress of my foal and to pick her brains for advice for which Mandy has only been too happy to give.

I would really recommend Mandy and her horses to anyone looking for a weanling or older as if my wonderful little chap - who is growing day by day - is anything to go by, you could not go wrong.



This is strange because I first met Mandy on stage at the Download Festival some years ago, she was doing a photo shoot of my hero drummer Dave Grohl, I later saw her doing backstage photo's of a new band, then I saw her with the largest promoter this world knows, ...My curiosity got the better of me, so I introduced myself, and said who are you? she casually said, oh hi I'm Mandy my family own the place, and went on to tell me she thought some of my songs were great, BUT, I should really try doing this & that, at the time I thought "what the hell" we had a drink and talked and I thought "Hell yeah man" .. I should really try that idea out I never thought of that, we then got onto talking about horses and Mandy invited me to her place, as I said I loved the Spanish horses I'd seen while on tour, Mandy said she had around 60, I thought she said 6 ! until I arrived at her stud, I was just blown away by Mandy's skill and knowledge, I have adopted her as my little sister, I have the greatest love and respect for her, when I brought the horses, she totally respected my wishes to remain anonymous and even closes the stud off from staff when I visit, Mandy you trully are an awesome lady, and a rare & great friend, love ya girl, keep on rocking, and breeding those horses! .. You know who !




I can honestly say that I would buy a horse unseen from Mandy Wheatcroft. My handsome Pura Raza stallion, Vanidoso, came to me via Mandy a few years ago when I lived in Dubai and he is, without a doubt, the best horse I have ever had the honour to own. He is beautiful in both stature and nature and, so much so, that at the beginning of this year when I came back to live in England I decided to breed from him - to see if I could duplicate such a wonderful horse.

I phoned Mandy and asked if she had a likely mare for him. She recommended a lovely six year old mare called Mill Ascua. I saw Ascura for only half an hour at Mandy's, rode her and did join-up with her, and fell in love with her. Without any doubts I sent my stallion up to stud at Millpark Stud and Mandy did the covering, naturally, with the two of them. My stallion became a prosective father during Ascua's first in-season.

They both came home recently, with Ascua carrying her foal which is due in June next year, and they now live at The Llama Park in Ashdown Forest. I have only had Ascua here for a week or so but already know just how very, very special she is. She has been with Mandy since she was born and has only learned love and affection, and has been started so well that I know she is going to turn out brilliantly. She is very bright, so willing to work and learn and keeps my stallion in check. I feel as if I have known this mare for ever.

So anyone who is considering buying a horse from Mandy, is, in my opinion, is in extremely good hands. In fact, I think Mandy is magic.



Mandy at Millpark Andalusians was recommended to me by a couple of other UK PRE Breeders after I had spotted one of her foals on line. From the start, Mandy was quick to respond to my phone calls and emails and very knowledgeable about the breed as you would expect. We quickly arranged for me to see Ensueno along with his Dam and Sire and I was very impressed both with her facility and her horses.

Once I decided to purchase, Mandy took care of all the paperwork and reasonably priced transport. I have had Ensueno for a month now and I couldn't be happier. A beautiful, healthy, well-mannered and unspoilt colt foal, he settled in quickly with my two geldings and takes everything in his stride. I would highly recommend Mandy for both the buying experience and her quality horses.



I have spent all my life around horses though I did not become interested in PREs until I turned fifty after watching an old 1970s film "Bolero"! I researched the breed and was lucky enough to be able to import a beautiful PRE mare in 2011.

The thrill of riding a horse performing piaffe and passage so effortlessley meant I was soon hooked on the breed. After attending the BAPSH show, I decided I wanted to breed PRE horses - hence my visit to Millpark Andalusian Stud.

Mandy was so warm and welcoming that immediately she felt like a friend. She showed my husband and I around all the mares and foals, youngstock and stallions. I felt like a child in a toyshop! Next I viewed a filly foal carrying the dun gene that I had initially enquired about as a potential foundation mare. Out came Especia who was shy but so elegant. Then Mandy showed me another filly for sale, Avellana, the cheekiest and boldest foal I have ever encountered. She came straight up to me for fuss. So now I couldn't make up my mind and I decided to buy both fillies! I visited the girls before they were weaned and Mandy sent me photo's of their progress. She always received my husband and I enthusiastically. She answered patiently my questions about colour genetics as she is so knowlegeable.

Well my gorgeous babies have been with me nearly a week now. They loaded, travelled and unloaded without fuss. They have settled in quickly and have enormous appertites. They have been going for short walks each day where surprisingly shy Especia takes a bold lead. Avellana is such a darling that everyone who sees her is falling in love - even my vet, amazed by how quiet she was to handle, said she was a real sweetie. All this speaks volumes for Millpark's management and reflects the love and care that Mandy and her staff lavish on all their horses. I've already "booked" my next baby from Millpark - need I say more about the high regard I have for Mandy and her Andalusian horses.



I first heard of Millpark Andalusian Stud through a friend who knows Mandy Wheatcroft, that she has bred outstanding Andalusians who has a wealth of knowledge and passion for the breed, so in June 2009 I contacted Mandy to say I was looking to buy a yearling, Mandy came across on the phone as a really down to earth friendly person and when I met her at the stud she was just that! First we were taken to look at the stallions, Wow! What a wonderful sight to see, from that moment I knew Mandy's Andalusians were indeed quality, they all looked amazing well cared for and happy, we where shown the brood mares, foals and youngstock, in one of the paddocks Mandy showed us three yearlings, the one that stood out for me was a stunning, elegant gelding called Airoso and when I saw him move, it was a joy to watch, he was the one with no question of doubt! I've now owned Airoso for three years and I'm so proud of him, in June 2012 we've been back to Mndy's to buy another addition to the family, we brought a very handsome bay dun weanling foal called Mill Valeroso, he's been with us for over a week now and is settling well in to his new home, I can not recommend Millpark Stud enough! Thank you Mandy for breeding these beautiful horses, I feel really lucky to have two special Andalusians from Mandy Wheatcroft.



My love for PREs was ignited two years ago, in the summer of 2010, when I spent a summer in Barcelona at a dressage facility. The majority of the horse there were PREs and needless to say their temperaments, stunning movements and extreme intelligence won me over instantly. As much as I admired the breed, I never thought I'd be lucky enough to afford one of my own.

Fast forward two years and my search for a talented youngster was on. I already own a lovely two year old filly and I'd decided that I'd like another baby, as a companion for her and a future competition horse for me. Initially I looked at warmbloods and Irish sports horses but none of them stuck in my head like Mill Conquista did when I came across her. Immediately I emaild Mandy and arranged a visit, I couldn't risk missing out on her! About a week later a friend and I made the trip to Leicestershire, where Millpark Andalusians are based. Mandy was extremely friendly and informative, she answered any and every question I had. I was impressed with Conquista from the moment I met her, she has such an exquisite little head and some of the kindest eyes I have ever seen.

Having met both her sire and dam I can see where her wonderful nature has come from and I felt very lucky to have met Mandy's horses that day. I decided there and then that I wanted Conquista once she had been weaned. The most difficult part of the buying process was my impatience to get my new foal home - she was my first and last viewing! Having met Conquista I knew I needn't look any further and she was just what I wanted.

Conquista has been with me just short of a week now and I'm so happy with my purchase. Not only is she a stunning and classy looking foal, she has brilliant conformation and such a chilled out personality. She has settled in very well with my other filly and is bringing me so much joy already. Mandy has been very helpful since and has answered all of my questions that I've had. I'm very excited to see what the future brings for us both, and I wouldn't hesitate to return to Mandy and Millpark Andalusians should I ever decide to buy again, Thank you again, Yasmin X



This was my first experience of buying a horse and was made incredibly easy and stress free by Mandy at Millpark Stud. The stud is incredibly calm, relaxed and welcoming, I never wanted to go home when I visited my boy. All the horses are well looked after and extremely well behaved (and the most beautiful creatures I ever did see). Mandy answered all questions I had and still answers any that I have now. I couldn't have asked for a better service or a better horse! I would recommend the stud to anyone wishing to purchase an Andalusian as they have so much experience with the breed and are also there to look after us when we need them!

Mandy, He is amazing, he's incredibly outgoing and not afraid of anything, he's made himself right at home and calls for the other horses when they go for their rides. No one can believe how well behaved he is and he will be going out in the field without a leadrein very soon as he is such a good boy. He absolutely loves to be fussed over and kisses me and talks to me all the time. You have done a great job with him and I couldn't ask for anything more from him, he is just fantastic !!!



After a terrible experience trying to buy an Andalusian from Spain a few years ago, it was great to come across Millpark's website. Mandy always replied quickly to any questions I had and updated me on my chosen colt regularly. I live quite far away so did not get to meet Mill Ufano before he arrived at my yard so the updates and photo's from Mandy were very comforting.

When he arrived he was everything I expected and more. He is a beautiful colt with a lovely temperament and a credit to the stud. He is well handled, eats very well and settled in quickly. I would definitely recommend Millpark Andalusians to anyone wanting to purchase a great example of this gorgeous breed. I look forward to watching Ufano mature and working with him when he's old enough.

Thank you Mandy, for all of the advise you gave me and the effort you so clearly put in to Mill Ufano's handling and weaning.



I first came in to contact with Mandy Wheatcroft when I was helping a friend of mine Roy look for a suitable stallion for his Andalusian mare "Honey". As he is of the older generation he wasn't computer friendly, let alone internet friendly! After lots of internet surfing myself and Roy decided we would visit Millpark.

The next day I rang Mandy and although she wasn't in she got back to me within an hour. It was difficult for me as although I have a horse of my own, I was calling on behalf of Roy and didn't really know anything about Spanish horses or breeding horses for that matter. I can't express enough how patient, informative and friendly Mandy was with me, we spent ages on the phone and I came away looking forward to the visit I had just arranged.

On my first visit with Roy, we got a really friendly welcome from Mandy as if we were lifelong friends! We looked at the stallions first and Roy couldn't believe how calm they were. As soon as Roy saw Mill Gravitar he fell in love with him. It's one of those things, picking a stallion, when you see the right one you just know.

We spent ages, looking at the stallions and chatting "horse talk", and it became clear that what Mandy doesn't know about Andalusian horses isn't worth knowing. Having said that, we never were made to feel like we were uneducated, Mandy valued and answered every question with honesty and detail. She never for one moment rushed our visit. It really felt like she had devoted the whole afternoon to us - which in fact she had.

Whilst we were at the stud I asked if we could look around at the horses. I was especially keen to look at the youngsters. Mandy showed us the youngsters and I then realised that she had a couple of part-bred horses for sale. I can honestly say, although having discussed getting my 21 year old mare "Annie" a friend, we were not at all considering it at the time - how wrong was I ? seeing the beautiful Andalusians and knowing how fantastically bred, Mandy's horses are, I felt if I was going to buy a youngster from anyone, it would have to be one of Mandy's Andalusians.

After going away and digesting everything, we decided to buy "Mill Ruso", Mandy's 7/8th bred yearling and what an amazing horse he is !!! Everything that Mandy told me about him is so accurate, which is very impresive to say how many horses she has. She obviously takes time to get to know each and every one of them. I could not wish to have a more handsome, calm and such a wonderfully natured horse. You can sometimes forget he is so young as he is so good to handle. Everyone who meets him adores him. He really is a very special horse and has found a home for life with my husband and I. When I am ready to purchase another horse it will be without a doubt another one of Mandy's.

The whole experience from beginning to the present time has been an absolute pleasure. I also know I have someone on hand to support me at any time with Mandy. I've come away with a new addition to our family and Roy's mare is in foal to "Mill Gravitar", which will make it a half - brother/sister to "Mill Ruso".

We both really feel that our visit to Millpark and meeting Mandy has enriched both our lives.

Thank you Mandy.



I found Mandy to be very accomodating with my barrage of questions regarding "Eric" (Mill Hechizo), his breeding and anything else I could think of. Her horses are clearly loved and well looked after. Now having Eric at home I have found him to be very intelligent, calm and he has an amazing personality. Mandy is always at the end of an email or the phone with advise which is a service you do not normally get!

I would happily buy another horse from Mandy if funds would allow!



Nearly 13 years ago I was looking for my "first" horse, one that I handed over cash for rather than loaned, and had decided I wanted a Spanish horse. So the hunt started ... I contacted most of the English breeders, plenty of youngsters available but as I wanted a ridden horse I also started talking to brokers who would import what you said you wanted.

At this time I spoke to Mandy and a 3/4 PRE ridden mare was due in the country bred by JL Palacin. She sounded perfect ... but Mandy made me wait before even letting me come to look as the mare had to settle and see exactly what her temperament was like. So after what seemed an age and poor Mandy being hassled by me on a constant basis, 2 weeks later we drove to see Emocion.

It was love at first sight, the most beautiful dark dapple grey mare stood there. She was and still is the most gentle, sensitive, clever horse and has been my partner of a life time on a journey towards classical riding. Now nearly 20 she will happily let a beginner attempt to walk round the school and the next show off in piaffe.

My trainer is coming round to the advantages of Spanish horses, started looking for foals, well as it turned out I spent most of my lunch hours looking for him and saw an advert for Lucera, an ex-ridden mare in foal to Mill Gravitar, who's dam is by the same stallion as my lovely Emocion.

I showed the advert to my partner Sam, luckily he's just as daft as me. A phone call to Mandy and we were off to Millpark once more. Now it was love at first sight for Sam this time ! Mandy kindly showed us Lucera, her current foal, her yearling (who I could of easily brought home too), the boys, and Mill Gravitar was a sweetheart, so gentle and certainly liked all the attention and fuss.

Decision made, a couple of weeks later after the foal was weaned and Mandy was happy with Lucera, we went to pick her up. She has settled beautifully and enjoys the benefits of a stable with her own hay net. Sam adores her.

It just shows what a fantastic temperament Mandy's horses have, as Lucera has been gently ridden over the Christmas holidays. She has taken it all in her stride and is happily walking/troting round the school. We'll stop in the next few weeks and let her concentrate on being a Mum, but I can see a return to a ridden mare in 2113 !

Thank you Mandy for allowing us to buy the most amazing horses. I hope the foal is a filly !!!!

I've always loved the look of Iberian horses, so when I decided to have another horse I made up my mind that, that was what I was going to look for. I saw an Iberian horse show advertised in a horse magazine,so I went along to have a look round. I spent all day looking at these wonderful horses, but there was one horse there that stood out from the rest. I followed this horse for most of the day watching him compete in different events and at the end of the day, he was snowed under with red rosettes. I went up to his owner and asked various questions about him. I asked where she had got him from and that was when I heard of Mandy Wheatcroft.
I was told to look up Millpark Stud on my computer and that is where I would find Mandy, so as soon as I got home I did just that, and it wasn't long before I made an appointment to visit her. When we arrived at the stud we had a very warm welcome by Mandy, who spent most of the day showing us her horses, her magical stallions which were breath taking, and also saw her lovely brood mares and young stock. I think there were about 60 horses in all, but what struck me and my friends that came with me, was how calm and happy all Mandy's horses were. It was a wonderful day and one that I shall never forget.
I was attracted to a lovely 2 year old gelding named Eco, I went into the stable with him and couldn't get over how friendly and well mannered he was. I spent quite a bit of time with him, then turned to Mandy and said "well I had better make my mind up", to which Mandy replied "you don't have to make your mind up now, go home and take a few days to think about it, there's no rush because there is no one else interested in Eco at the moment." I couldn't beleive it, there was no pressure or hard sell at all. At that I went home to think about it, but it wasn't long before I was back again for a second visit. This time my mind was made up I was going to have Eco, and I made arrangements to have Eco vetted which he passed with flying colours, even the vet commented on how well handled and behaved he was.
Eco has been with me now for six weeks, and he's exactly as Mandy described him, laid back and eager to please. Mandy has kept in touch with me by e-mail to ask if everything is ok and to make sure Eco has settled in well. She has been there for me with good sound advise when ever I've needed it. I love Eco to bits he'ssuch a loving well-balanced little horse to own, and I'm looking forward to our future together. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Mandy if I decided to buy another horse, and would recommend Mandy to anyone looking for an Andalusian. Mandy I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for my wonderful little horse Eco.
I love Spanish horses and having had to have my beloved Spanish boy put down I had a big gap in my life. I have another horse (CBxTB) that I adore who I show and compete in dressage with but I missed the "flair" of the Spanish horse.
After much thought I decided to buy a foal who would be up and coming for when my other horse started ticking on in years and I would have all the fun of learning with a youngster.
My search began! I looked at every website I could find, speaking to the stud that I brought my previous Spanish horse from and even to a friend in Spain where I have been for classical training. Mandy's website stood out for me as it was very detailed, very up to date and showed beautifull horses. When I asked around, I found Mandy was well known in her field and very much respected.
I emailed Mandy saying I was interested in buying a colt foal. Rather than her replying saying she had x,y,z, for sale she asked me lots of different questions about my experience, what size I would want and what I wanted the foal for in the long term. She clearly was vetting me as much as I was her and wanted the very best life for her foals that she sold.
Mandy suggested Cordobez should suit me. His sire and dam were what I wanted in a horse and he would make a good size and had a calm, proud temperament. I arranged to view him and instantly fell in love !! Decission made.
As Cordobez was only 6 weeks old when I said I would like him, Mandy gave me an open invitation to visit him whenever I wanted. She emailed me up to date photographs of him as he was changing and kept me informed with how he was progressing. I have hounded Mandy with questions about feeding advice and handling youngsters and she couldn't have been more patient with me and she is so knowledgeable.
As time was starting to get close to weaning, Mandy worked very closely with Cordobez to get him ready for me to take him on. She reported to me that he was having leading lessons, picking up his feet, being groomed and generally just handling him. The week before I picked Cordobez up I went to see him. He was able to lead away from the other youngsters, was extremely calm and friendly and was quite happy to be in a stable on his own, just 2 weeks after weaning.
I collected Cordobez on the 9th October and he has been fantastic. He loaded easily and travelled the 4 hours back to the North East with no stress. In the 3 weeks I've had him I have had no trouble with him at all. He is friendly, interested in everything and exceptionally brave. He eats well, leads without any problem and isn't frightened or worried about anything and when I introduced a lightweight rug to him you would think he had always worn rugs. I have had lots of visitors come and see him and the comments are always how well rounded and advanced he is for his age.
I would, without any doubt recommend Mandy to anyone who is looking for a Spanish horse. She knows her horses, and their breeding, inside out and she loves them all. I have said how Cordobez is calm, friendly and well behaved but all of Mandy's horses are. She obviously puts in a lot of work into them and she matches owners to horses which makes for long lasting relationships. Mandy has a mass of knowledge and is the most approachable and down to earth person you would want to meet. I am so pleased I found her!
I was really pleased to be asked by Mandy Wheatcroft of Millpark Andalusians to write a testimonial for her website. I first met Mandy this summer whilst looking for an Andalusian horse. I had the previous year experienced a traumatic loss of a horse that my partner purchased from Holland for me. Tom was very keen to get me another horse but I was so wary (due to the circumstances with my Friesan). However, I did decide to look for an Andalusian.
This is when Tom contacted Millpark to book a visit to the stud. To our surprise it transired that Mandy is the sister of an old school friend of Tom's and so we just had to make the trip to Leicester! At this time I was still unsure, wary, nervous, worried ... all those feelings following a bad purchasing experience.
I new that I desperately wanted another horse, not any horse but the right horse and my goodness did Mandy have the right horse! Tom and I visited the stud in July. The only day that we could visit was at a weekend which was really Mandy's day off but she was just so welcoming and kind. I was immediately put at ease by Mandy's lovely, caring nature not only with her beautiful horses but with people as well. She took time to take us around to see all the horses, from the magnificent stallions, impeccably behaved, to the mares with their lively young charges enjoying the sunshine in the fields.
Mandy suggested a lovely four year old mare that she had for sale, ready to continue to be a ridden horse or to grade for breeding. I had explained that I wanted a horse that would grow with me in terms of training and new challenges and she suggested Inesperada (Prada).
To say that it was an apt suggestion is an understatement. Prada has now been with me here in Devon since the begining of August and I am so, so grateful to Mandy for having the insight that she does, to suggest that Prada would be a suitable partner for me. She is such a lovely horse, so quick to learn, so kind and patient and above all an absolute credit to Mandy and her whole ethos.
I really doubted wether I would actually be confident in buying a horse again, but Mandy Wheatcroft has restored my faith through her kindness and intuitive grasp of horses and people. She is extremely knowledgable and more than happy to help with advise and is totally professional.
Prada is my first PRE and I think I can safely say that she will not be the only one that I will have! Moreover I can also safely say that Mandy will be my first and probably only port of call for my next horse.
Thank you Mandy, and bless you for being the person that you are, your horses say it all.
I have owned Spanish horses for 15 years now and have brought them from a number of sources. Recently I saw a colt for sale and, seeing that he was from Millpark Stud I had every confidence that he would be as described and that he would be a quality colt. Such is the reputation already of Millpark and Mandy.
I had known of, and respected, Mandy throughout my years of showing and competing. When I made contact I was not disappointed. From the very first contact with her, through the viewings and the buying process she wasn't just what I was expecting, she was a whole lot more on top!
Not only were we made to feel very welcome but her deep knowledge of the breed, it's characteristics and lineage is unsurpassed by anyone I have met yet.
But she isn't just a welcoming, warm person with a wealth of knowledge and experience, What impressed me most is how her horses react with her. Any stud or yard can be spick and span when visitors arrive. Anyone can have polite staff and make you a cup of tea. It's the horses that give it away. They genuinely have affection for her and that is because every day, in every way, she understands them and she works WITH them to get the best out of each one. They come to the door to greet you, out of genuine trust and friendliness. They are well behaved, not out of fear but out of trust and respect and the fact that Mandy brings out the characterisitics of this great breed.
The minute I saw Brio I had to have him. Not just because he is stunningly elegant and beautiful. But because at just one year old he had clearly been so expertly and professionally handled by someone with an indepth knowledge of the breed. He has been started absolutely correctly and that is worth it's weight in gold when taking on a youngster.
I can honestly say that not only would I recommend Mandy and Millpark to anyone looking to buy a quality horse and to have advise and backup about the breed, but that I will most definitely be asking Mandy to source my next horse for me, such is my faith in her judgement and knowledge.
I consider myself very lucky to have found Brio but also to have found Mandy as a new friend.

We heard about Millpark and Mandy through various sources, the Farrier, the Hunt, the pony club actually anyone locally who knows about horses pointed us in thier direction.

The voice on the end of the phone was welcoming, friendly and invited us over to go and see what the stud was all about. We were greeted by a range of wet noses and wagging tales that ran off in the direction of the boss and encouraged us to follow.

The yard is well set out - the stallions all in a row behaving impeccably and looking well groomed and content, Always a good sign when looking for the temperament of your foal to be. We arranged for our mare to go over the day she came into season of which Mandy is quite happy to answer the phone to someone shouting "we are on our way". Our mare took a dislike to the stallion chosen and Mandy with her wisdom asked if we minded trying another Stallion to see if it would help the situation. The mare took immediatly and came back from stud happy, content and looking like she had been on holiday. She produced an amazing colt foal who has the most fantastic temperament and loves people, he is very bold even at the age of 5 months.

Summary, What do you get from Millpark Stud and Mandy ?

a) A very warm welcome and friendly service

b)Extensive Knowledge that is not forced on you

c)Well laid out facilities

d)The best care for your mare at stud

e)Mandy is always there for her owners and never rushes you away - she understands what customer service really means.



I will never forget the first day I came to your yard to look at "Andalusian horses" as they were then called...Having spent some time before looking for a suitable horse to be able to take me to a higher level of dressage and having looked at Friesians, Morgans and Quarter horses I knew instantly the second I saw the "Boys" I had to have one of them. You showed so much love and respect for your horses it was like coming home for me. When I was a child I had a dream holiday in Tunisia riding a Barb horse called Mabruk who was so fantastic I never forgot him. Learning later that the Barb is a descendant of the PRE it was no surprise to find him in your beautiful horses again. You sold me my precious mare Karina XXXVI and "Millie" who have changed my life forever. My beautiful Karina has produced two foals for me and I will always be grateful to you for selling her to me. You are one of the most honest, hardworking and loveliest person I know and so dedicated to your horses. I have over the years followed every one of your Stud news and it is lovely to see how much your stud has grown from year to year and you so deserve it! I cried tears of joy for you when you won the National Championships with Neron it was great to see you out competing again! I have enjoyed my visits to your place over the years and our chats about PRE's. Your yard is like a peaceful little haven for enthusiasts and your horses visibly return your love for them. You have parted from one of the most gorgeous creatures but you have gained a friend, Thank you so much Mandy you always have a special place in my heart.



I met Mandy 7 years ago in 2001 quite by chance through a friend of a friend of a friend. I always thought owning a spanish horse of my own would always be out of reach, till I visited Millpark Stud. It was 160 miles and when I arrived I looked at all the pure bred foals and all the youngsters but just couldn't make my mind up. I new very little at that time but had discribed to Mandy what I liked, I like them big, wide and built like a tank! and if only they came coloured!, with that I was led up to a small paddock where there were 5 yearling fillies... and oh my god! there she was, a blue and white filly just as I'd discribed, with the most beautiful head and expressive eyes, "Mill Urraca" was my first. I went all that way for a pure bred and came home with the horse of my dreams, my new coloured part bred Andalusian. Mandy offered a life time of help and advise and we became great friends, the rest is history!, Since then I've brought from her at least 7 more pure and part breds, she put me on the right path for sucsessful breeding and now I have my own herd. So now all the War Horse foals are from or out of Millpark mares and I'm so proud of them all. I couldn't have done all this with out the help of my friend Mandy Wheatcroft and having so much patience with me still to this day bombarding her with endless questions. For every thing Thank you.



My name is Elin McGowan and I'm a new breeder, Finding a reliable place to take your precious mare to stud can be a nail biting experience. My mare Gresca is very special in my opinion and only the best will do. I was very fortunate to find that at Millpark Andalusians with Mandy Wheatcroft, I visited Mandy on the November before I took my mare to her Stud. I was shown the stallions and was really spoilt for choice, I chose Vanidoso as I felt he would best suit my mare, his temperament was nice as were his looks and with impeccable breeding. Everything looked well organised and peaceful and Mandy obviously loves her horses. I took my mare to Leicester (7hr. drive from Lleyn Peninsula) it was a hot day and I'd got lost in Leicester and was vowing that I would never take my mare anywhere again. Mandy had a loose box ready for my mare's arrival, after a little look around and a shower for Gresca after her hot journey my mare settled down and was quite at home, and I wasn't feeling so guilty about travelling her across country. Gresca was kept at grass livery with a few of Mandy's youngsters and thoroughly enjoyed her stay, after the first covering she was infoal, I was amazed, this in my opinion is a good sign for an unstressed horse. Mandy kept in touch to let me know how Gresca was doing, I also visited her once when I'd gone to a showing clinic near Leicester. Past experience had made me a bit warey but I needn't have worried, Gresca had just been scanned and was 23 days in foal, she completely ignored me as she headed back to her friends in their large paddock, I left Gresca there for 3 months because of the distance for her to travel home, and I had seen she was happy, this gave me peace of mind and a happy mare who was none the worse. The stud is peaceful and well run, Mandy is an experienced breeder who understands, loves and takes very good care of these fine horses and I will be happy to make the same journey again next year.



The process of breeding horses has the potential for many reversals of fortune, but in Millpark I have found that the odds on success have been kept as high as possible through their exacting standards of care and thoroughly professional services.

- ----------------------------------------------


It was through Mandy that I became involved in the Spanish Horse, I had seen a photo in a BAPSH magazine of a Dun part bred colt, I arranged to visit and was met with the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in this country.

Mandy introduced me to her breathtaking stallions, then out to view a herd of free running yearlings, I will never forget this sight, to see the horse I was to choose in a free and natural state was a remarkable and magical experience. Mandy gave me so much sound advise and support. This introduction led me to buy a 2 year old gelding a year later, we have since brought 2 more colts from Mandy and am presently in the process of purchasing another, very special, very rare colt, which has been a hugh decision making process for us, in which Mandy has been endlessly helpful, informative and very tolerant!

Mandy has given me the confidence to return to her as she always gives me time and consideration in, what to me, is an emotional decision, as I very rarely part with any of them, However, even when it has been necessary, Mandy has helped me with this too, and we have successfully conducted part exchanges to the benefit of both myself and the horses involved. Mandy has a great deal of patience, and I know, that with everyone, she gives the benefit of her enormous wealth of wisdom and experience. Through Mandy over the last eight years, I have gained, not only someone who I completely trust and respect in relation to these incredible horses, but also, a friend.



I have been in contact with Millpark Andalusians for many years now, and, have brought several horses from Mandy - my first was in 2000.

Mandy sells horses as though they were friends, and is more than fair on price and arrangements. As a result of the friendship that has resulted from this, I also "allowed" her to have my mare when she was ready to go to stud. She was very special and needed extra care due to a serious accident as a youngster. I had been looking for a stallion and a stud that I would trust her to - Mandy was a natural choice. When she came home, she was every bit as fit and well as she had been when she left here.

I continue to hold Mandy in very high regard, and she is always my first call when looking for horses for either myself or others.



In 2006, I set out to investigate buying a new lifelong equine partner. Having decided to purchase a weanling, I found on paper, the breed description of "Andalusians" best met my criteria - but I had never had the privilege of meeting one in the flesh!

Millpark Andalusians are located conveniently near to me, so a quick phone call to Mandy confirmed what I thought about the breed - very people orientated, trainable, brave...and the over all stamp of a horse that appeals to me. She invited me to come and look!

Mandy was exceedingly welcoming - entertaining me and my friend for a full mornings tour of the stud, the youngsters and the brood mares.. and those fabulous boys. Mandy is very knowledgeable, and once she had a full understanding of what I wanted from my future equine partner was able to tell me exactly which of her youngsters would suit my needs, and equally importantly which would not due to their temperaments/expected conformations and my wish to both ride and drive.

During our morning, Mandy explained all about the genealogy of the breed, and specific equines at her yard - what she was looking for in her breeding programme. She was very reasuring in her knowledge - leaving us in no doubt that she really knew her stuff!

Having decided on "Mill Magia", I returned a couple of times to visit and then following a vetting became the proud owner of a PRE. Millpark Andalusians were very easy to contact and deal with, supporting me all the way - even when the vet arrived unannounced at the yard! There is quite a bit of paperwork to go through when purchasing a PRE - all the Spanish as well as the English forms to fill in. Mandy took care of all of this, and everything ran smoothly.

After about 6 months, Mandy brought back my filly's full sister, and invited me over to see her. A full year older it was interesting to see how my girl might look in a year to come- same unusual Dun colouring - complete with dorsal strip and leg barring.

At the time of writing, my filly is now two and a half years old, she is everything Mandy assured me she would be. She is currently around 15.2hh kind, easy to train, and the friendliest equine...always willing to leave her grass and come for a bit of attention. She is very inquisitive, shavings bags are a particular favorite and always up for a new challenge. Nothing seems to faze her. I have no doubt that she is the perfect equine for me!



My PRE mare Carinosa went to stud to be covered by Neron XII at the end of April 2006. She stayed there untill the end of July, I have nothing but praise for the standard of care that she received while at stud and her condition on collection. I decided on Neron for his superb bloodlines which complimented my mares, though I was really spoilt for choice. The result in May 2007, was a filly "Rosita", Having bred three foals, this filly, is undoubtedly the best foal I have bred, her conformation is superb and head exceptional.

I have decided to start showing again after a break of 12 years, and this is mainly due to having bred such a super foal from Mandys stallion.

It is wonderful to have in the Spanish Horse Society such a knowledgeable and dedicated person such as Mandy. She is an encyclopedia of breeding and bloodlines,and her advise is always honest and impartial. Thank you Mandy and Thank you Neron!!



I first met Mandy at the Spanish breed show in 2003, I arranged to go and see her at

Millpark Stud to have a look at the foals she had bred that year with a view to buying one.

Mandy was very welcoming when we arrived, the yard clean and well laid out. All her horses looked very well cared for. We went on a tour around the establishment where she showed us all of her youngstock and gave us information as to their bloodlines. I chose a weanling called "Mill Joyero" who I have been delighted with both in his temperament, his paces, and his achievements at the Iberian shows.

I was given a lot of advice by Mandy as to the correct tack and dress needed to compete in, as at the time I was a complete novice. Overall I have come to find that Mandy is a breeder with a genuine interest in keeping the future of the Spanish horse alive and at an affordable price in the UK. I am already thinking of returning for my second youngster and know that I will be totally happy with any purchase I make.



Mandy Wheatcroft, who originally imported my 3/4 PRE bay mare, "Lucera of Millpark" (Lucy). Mandy is really responsible for catapulting me into the world of breeding PRE's. We had Lucy put in foal to Mandy's stallion "Mejicano XXIX" and happened to mention that we were having trouble getting Lucy shod. Mandy very kindly said we could take Lucy over to her farrier for shoeing. On one of these trips, Kieron, now a convert to Spanish horses (or maybe brainwashed!), mentioned that a gelding, also there for shoeing, looked like it could carry him. Mandy's words are indelibly etched on my brain, "I've got something better than that round here!" she said, scooting off towards the stallion stables. We hurried after her, There in a stable stood "Macedonio-Mac", a fantastic (if slightly rotund!) Cardenas stallion, and of course, it was love at first sight. We explained to Mandy that we couldn't really afford him and had nowhere to keep him. When we got home we realised that we might never have the opportunity to buy a stallion of his quality, breeding and temperament again.

So, that brings me to the next person to thank, which is Sally Lister, of the Brackenspa Stud, she agreed to stand "Mac" there, in spite of not being a fan of Spanish horses at the time, and supported us in our first tentative steps at stallion handling, although, this turned out not to be a problem, as Mac is so easy going. Everybody at the stud, which is also a large livery yard, can't believe he's a stallion. He certainly is every little girls dream horse, and we're frequently told that he's perfect. Which, of course, he already knows!

Then we needed some purebred PRE mares. Obviously! So it was back to Mandy's, where we purchased her lovely, three year old filly "Mill Sigilosa", (secret), sired by Gastador XII, Out of Mill Estupenda, who is by Euclides. Secret was graded last October and backed early this year and is now in foal to Mac for 2009.



This is the first foal I have bred with storm and I spoke to and visited a number of studs before I found Mandy at Millpark. From speaking to her for the first time to visiting the stud I felt very comfortable, and on visiting the stud I was very impressed with how relaxed and happy all her horses are. Mandy was very knowledgeable and was on hand to offer advice before, during and after Storm's time at the stud and I always felt very happy and confident in all my dealings with Mandy and the stud. Storm lives at home with me and so sending her anywhere was a big decision and I visited her during her time at the stud and she was very settled, in fact I'm not entirly sure she was that keen to come home she was having such a good time!

When I found out that it had been successful I honestly think Mandy was as excited as me, and it is good to know after all these years that she is still so enthusiastic about what she does and she genuinely cares about the people and the horses that she deals with. If I breed from Storm again I would definitely go to Mandy and I would recommend her and Millpark to anyone.



My name is Sue Humphreys, and I've been buying Millpark horses for 8 years. The Stud owner, Mandy Wheatcroft has always been helpful and honest about her horses and whether she thinks they'd be suitable for me. My first purchase from Millpark Andalusians was "Mill Normando", Norman as we call him a 15.2hh partbred gelding, he is Andalusian cross Irish draft cross shire. He is an amazingly loyal horse who has took me round show jumps, cross-country courses, dressage tests and the showing ring having success in all disciplines.

After trying to find a horse for my 12 year old daughter (Rhianna), I decided to take the trip from our yard in Bristol up to Leicester to see what Mandy had. Mandy had a young mare called Lacaya, we brought her back, broke her in and then proceeded to win at everything she put her mind to. Rhianna took her to the 2006 BAPSH Championship show where she was the winner of the 5/6 year old mare class and she then took the Reserve Champion mare and also gained 2nd. place in Novice ridden mare, a very successful weekend. The little mare qualified for the Championships of Great Britain show jumping weekend where she only knocked one pole over 6 classes, she always did well in the dressage arena, and had many wins at Riding horse classes in English showing classes.

When I was diagnosed with arthritis in my back I then had to retire from jumping Mill Normando so I made another trip up to see Mandy. I was looking for a dressage/all-rounder horse for me, I caught sight of a 2 year old bay colt called Mill Gotico, Tico is now 6 years old, he has done derby jumping, fun rides and he has been recently registered with British Dressage as he was the 2008 Unaffiliated Willbeard Dressage Champion with Rhianna.

At 15.1hh Rhianna had sadly outgrown Lacaya so we needed to go up a size, I got on the phone to Mandy and told her what I was looking for and she suggested a beautiful grey gelding called Buleria, "Bing" had been a bullfighting stallion in Spain before Mandy brought him back, he was covered in scars but my daughter fell in love with him straight away. Whilst trying him out Mandy showed us his tricks, Piaffe, Passage, Spanish walk and he did much more. Bing was a pure dressage horse and he loved his job, he won test after test with the judges always asking about him after the tests and always writing lovely comments about him. But sadly after winning his first few Novice tests, he broke his fetlock out in the field and had to be put to sleep. But he is still with us, my daughter wanted to keep him so we kept his ashes when he was cremated and he's now in the tackroom.

A phone call to Mandy and Mill Tirador arrived, a stunning two and half year old colt that was standing at 15.3hh at that young age. Once he was 3 years old Rhianna now 16 backed him this summer and is hoping he'll be a future dressage star.

I'd just like to say thank you to Millpark Andalusians and Mandy Wheatcroft for producing these amazing horses, Rhianna and Sue Humphreys



My initial contact with Mandy and Millpark Andalusians came about when I brought a young PRE that Mandy had bred. And a fine horse he was being true to type in all respects. So when the time came for me to buy another Spanish horse I contacted Mandy with my "shopping list" of requirements, and in due course she rang me from Spain to tell me she had found what I was looking for.

Time was short and I had only Mandy's description to guide me, having not seen the horse I trusted Mandy's judgement and did the deal, so to speak. All the details of payment and transport where taken care of by Mandy and my horse "Cairel", a PRE stallion, arrived.

He was exactly as Mandy had said, beautiful conformation, fabulous movement and temperament, absolutely stunning horse in all ways, I have been involved professionaly in the equestrian business all my life and have some twenty or more horses at any one time, I can say in all honesty "Cairel" is the greatest horse I have known.

All in all I would say the help in finding, buying and transporting Cairel that I got from Mandy was excellent, I find her knowledgable, honest, helpfull, astute and professional, and would have no reservations in recommending Mandy Wheatcroft and Millpark Andalusians to anyone who is looking for a quality Spanish horse.



Mandy from Millpark Stud has done everything possible to help and educate me on Andalusians and all that goe's with breeding, buying and owning this fantastic breed. At first I was intent on rushing blindly in to own my "dream" Spanish horse, HERE Mandy put my feet firmly on the ground by explaining the worth of good blood lines and conformation - rather than getting the first "Spanish" horse you come across.

Due to this I have my lovely very well bred halfbred filly, which Mandy helped me find. THEN when I wanted to put my mare to a Andalusian stallion again thanks to lots of great advise and never ending help, phone calls and lots of questions. My mare went off to Millpark Stud, where I was kept very well informed of what was going on,a phone call every evening explaining what had happened that day. She was really well looked after. As I have had a bad experience with a stud a few years ago, all of this made me realise that you really need to look in to things properly, and spend time finding the right stallion, Stud and also someone who will give you straight answers, all of which Millpark have done and more, for me and my horses.

I couldn't recommend the Stud, Mandy and their professionalism any more to any one, whether first timers or experienced breeders. And thanks to Mandy for being there for me.



I was pointed in Mandy's direction by a top dressage trainer who had seen Mandy at one of his training clinic's years before, saying how she had stood out from the rest of the group he was teaching and that she was highly dedicated to the PRE horse, so off I went to meet her at her Millpark Andalusian Stud.

I can only explain it as a deeply moving, emocional and humbleing moment when I first saw her working with a stallion. Out came what to me was a fierce, fire breathing giant of a stallion, every muscle twitching in antisipation of what he was about to do, but he behaved around Mandy as if she was a fragile china doll, with the most immence respect for her, watching her ride this stallion was quite magical they did all the advanced movements so smoothly working as one, I hardly took a breath in case I missed something.

Then what I just could not believe was Mandy's incredible kindness towards me, I cried as I explained that I had witnessed something so out of my reach and I felt I was waisting her time as I only had and old welsh mare to put in foal, she was so interested in my mare and new all about her bloodlines, having bred some welsh crosses herself, she then insisted I had a sit on her stallion, she lead me around talking to me untill all my fear subsided and I found myself in pure heaven as she asked her horse to gently and slowly go through the advanced movements, while she worked him in-hand with me on board.

It brings tears of joy to me everytime I remember that day. I never did manage to put my mare in foal as we had a terrible road accident, my mare was put to sleep and I am now unable to ride again, But I thank Mandy from the bottom of my very soul for giving me the chance to have wings and fly that day, the memory is so vivid and your kindness unforgetable, I would send anyone wanting to put their mare in foal to you.



When I was looking to buy my first PRE broodmare, I spent a long time trawling though the net and talking to different sellers, My novice status in the Andalusian world put me at a great disadvantage. A good and very knowledgable trainer and friend suggested that I call Mandy Wheatcroft, he believed her to be not only sympathetic and honest but a true horsewoman.

I have since brought 2 beautifull mares,the first Quirica a classical pure carthusian, having given me 2 stunning foals by Martillo II a yeguada Militar stallion, the second Salinera of Carthusian lines too with the gentlest energies. I am looking forward to running her with my 3rd. and most recent purchase from Mandy, an exquisite stallion called Golondrino XX.

Golondrino is mostly Carthusian lines, from the great line of Bilbiano III and Destinado II, and from the yeguada Militar line of Maluso, the grandsire of the 1996 success Evento. Salinera shares the lines of Bilbaino III and Maluso, with strong Carthusian lines. Quirica a true princess of the Bocado lineage has Bilbaino III, Destinado II and Furioso in her ancestry.

Incredibly I brought all 3 unseen, and each was just as Mandy described them, I like to count Mandy as a friend, and I always feel comfortable asking for advise. I am very pleased with my beautifull horses and I think that is in no small way due to Mandy being able to match a horse to a person, so cheers! and keep up the good work.



Well just a few words to tell you that Vanidoso has settled into his new life in Dubai, after the long journey and a week in quarantine, he has a lovely stable with lots of NEIGHbours!!I think finally he has got used to me but I do spoil him a little.

He is such a beautiful horse and has impeccable manners for a stallion. Dani is more than what I expected, I'm really pleased with him, he moves like a dream I couldn't fault him in any way!!

I must admit buying a horse I've never seen was quite a new experience for me but you reassured me and explained everything I needed to know about Vanidoso.

I'd like to thank you for your honesty, and all your advice, you have been great people to deal with and very professional keeping in contact with me throughout the weeks whilst arranging for the vet, transport, saddle fitting etc.

Vanidoso and I will keep in touch and send you some pictures Thanks again Mandy.



I have purchased my first youngster from Mandy, a lovely yearling gelding. Atento's approach to life and his ability to trust are a reflection on Mandy and Millpark Stud.

He has been reared in an enviroment that nurtured fundamental principles of trust, fairness and tranquility. Atento has impressed others who have met him with these qualities.

I, too, have only encountered honest support and encouragement from Mandy, I cannot recommend Millpark highly enough!



I was recommended to look for a good PRE Andalusian horse through Mandy Wheatcroft, because she is starting to get a very good reputation here in Dubai UAE for sourcing great horses. I am now the proud owner of an eight year old stunningly beautifull stallion, who came to Dubai through Mandy.

I have ridden all my life - Arab horses, Warmbloods, Irish thoroughbreds, relatively easy horses and some with difficult temperaments, and I can honestly say that I have never come accross such a lovely horse, in all way's. He is everything I could hope for, fun to ride, nice paces, sensible to hack, a potential dressage winner, kind with people and great around other horses.

He is at livery in Dubai and he has become a real star here in the stable, not only with my friends but with everyone who handles him, from the farrier to the feedman, I am also totally thrilled with him and hope never to part from him. my sixteen year old daughter feels the same way about him, as do'es my husband.

I have no reservations in recommending Mandy to potential Spanish horse owners.

UP DATE: Just wanted to drop you a line, he has come through the summer very well as I moved him to a really fantastic livery yard and he has been treated royally. I can honestly say that I am totally and absolutely in love with him and he is the nicest, kindest, cleverest horse I have ever had the pleasure to come across.

I now ride him with virtually nothing in his mouth and his dressage moves are coming on apace. We also do something different every day apart from schooling, he loves a bit of natural horsemanship and he enjoys hacking out in the desert. He spends an hour a day out at grass, despite the climate, because he goes at 6 in the morning, then goes out in a sand paddock for a roll in the cool of the evening. So I do try and get him out as much as possible, despite the heat here.

However, the heat will abate in the next few weeks and then we get about eight months

of lovely weather.

I am hoping to do a bit of competition on him this season. He obviously has a head start when he enters a dressage ring because he is so handsome and he loves all the compiments, from friends and from the flirtatious looks of most of the mares here. I am not particularly bothered about winning prizes but he seems to like the discipline of school work.

I spend more on his hair, feet and teeth than I have ever done on myself and he loves all the attention. He also loves a massage, but who doesn't?

Sorry I know I am gushing, but I couldn't have hoped for a more fantastic horse. I have ridden all my life and swore that I would never buy another horse, but just ride other people's at this stage in my life. But he is an absolute joy every day.

So thank you for giving him such a good start in life. It certainly shows. He doesn't have a bad bone in his body and he is becoming so affectionate as our friendship progresses.

So keep up the wonderful work Mandy - a fantastic horse all round.

Best regards



I was surfing the net when I came across Millpark Andalusians, after looking at the web site I saw a colt that caught my eye instantly, I emailed Mandy, asking various questions and after several emails and sleepless nights I picked up the phone and made "the call". What a lovely lady that greeted me, we talked for ages, about horses off course and at the end of a great conversation I arranged to go down to see Mandy and the Millpark Stud.

On arrival to Millpark I was greeted with a very warm welcome and instantly felt at home, all of my reservations and fears instantly disappeared. Mandy showed me around her stud with the same enthusiasm and excitement as expressed by myself. The boys were superb all with temperaments and presence to die for, I could have taken them all home, then Mandy showed me the colt I had arranged to see. After looking at him and explaining to Mandy more clearly what I was looking for I decided he wasn't for me. I then asked to see the other foals, on walking through the building I was met by a lot of inqusitive heads all wanting to have a look at the newby. Being faced with such a choice let alone the correct choice. Suddenly right at the back of a group of foals I spotted him. Mandy introduced us and then trotted him round for me, he was the one, with no question of doubt. I went over to see him and took some photo's, he followed me round with a relaxed familiarity and I knew there and then that I had found my first and very special PRE. Throughout my visit Mandy was great and answered all my questions and with her vast knowledge never forced but willingly given I was there for a good few hours and not once did she try to hurry me.

I have now owned Mill Esplendido for 2 months and what a pleasure he is to own, he is excellent to do in every way and great with my two children especially my 3 year old, when she goes to stroke him he puts his head down so she can reach him and he laps up the attention he demands from everyone that visits. I have to keep reminding myself that he is only a yearling as he has been so sensible and laid back from the day we brought him home. I could not recommend the breed and the breeder highly enough. My first PRE purchase experience will stay with me forever.

I would personally like to say a big thank you to Mandy for all the help, advise and confidence she has given me and we will definitely see her in the near future for the next addition to the family, I just wish I lived closer to her as I feel I have made a true friend, THANK YOU.



I first visited the stud earlier this year and was shown around by Simon. We were introduced to the stallions all of which were stunning and impeccably behaved. We were then taken around a field with mares and their foals and they all had such lovely temperaments. The foals were brave and inquisitive and the mares were so relaxed.

When I visited the stud for a second time I met Mandy. Both Mandy and Simon are two of the most honest, down to earth, genuine people I have met. The horses are all beatifully cared for and are so relaxed. I explained that I was looking for a youngster to bring on to do dressage and it was during this visit that I met Mill Tirador of whom I am now the very proud owner.

Mandy and Simon have been so patient, helpful and kind. I have never felt like I have been rushed or put under any pressure. As I live locally, they have allowed me to come and visit Tirador pretty much every weekend to get to know him. Simon has given me some lessons and he and Mandy have been nothing but encouraging.

I cannot fault the level of service and care. Without a doubt I would recommend anyone who is looking to buy an Andalusian or who is interested in them to contact Mandy. She knows so much about the breed and I know that if I ever have any queries, she would be willing to help.

Thank you so much Mandy and Simon, for your complete honesty, kindness, and help and encouragement and for Tirador. I'm very glad I met you both.



Out here in Dubai, I have heard such wonderfull things about Mandy Wheatcroft and Millpark Andalusian Stud, via the grapevine here, Mandy has a superb reputation here as a top stud for Pura Raza Espanola horses. So I made contact firstly via email, then chats on the phone and I am now planning to visit.

Mandy has given me a wealth of knowledge on the training of this breed, which has impressed some very imoprtant people here, I have gained so much through her, she has answered every question with openess and honesty, it's like having a personal trainer on hand, and she has never tried to rush me and has always followed up to see if I have had the results with the horses progress. The new's of this wonderfull lady is passing around Dubai like wild fire, I feel sure that there will be a lot of customers from Dubai prefering to purchase horses from Mandy's stud direct, as her name is a guarantee of a superbly bred and trained horse, second to none.

I have encountered many problems along the way with PRE horses that have not had a good start in their education, but Mandy has taught me how to work through all of these problems, I look forward to working with horses Mandy has bred and produced herself, then I will have been totally spoilt, and will never want any other than Mandy's horses.

Thank you for being such a wonderfull person, I didn't think people like you existed

in the horse world, you have treated me like a true friend.



Early in 2009 I started looking for a stallion for my Arab/Trakehner mare, I wanted one that moved well enough for pure dressage, jumped and of course was beautifull. When I walked into Mandy's stable block and saw her lovely horses I new I was in the right place. I chose Mill Gravitar because he is every thing I wanted plus very calm. My mare made herself at home straight away and stayed all summer.

The first time I visited the stud I fell in love with another stallion Mill Rescoldo saying I want one like that, two weeks later Mandy phoned me saying she had a yearling that she thought I would like, so I had a look when I dropped my mare off, liked what I saw and Mandy said are you taking him with you? so I did !. I have never had a Spanish horse before but Mill HIdalgo always makes me smile.

What a lovely stud.

I first heard about Millpark Stud through a friend and as we live not far away I called and was greeted with a friendly voice. I explained what I was looking for and we were invited to come and see for ourselves. I took my Dad along with me, as we arrived Mandy was there with her lovely dog. It was a warm welcome and as I'm starting out in this business I had a lot of questions. Mandy answered every question with a knowledgable and in a clear manner.
She then took us around to the stallion stables they were incrediable well mannered and absolutely stunning. We were then shown all this years fillies and colt's with their mothers all happy and content in the field (which is essential if you want to know what yours will look like). Then came broodmares which is what I was looking for as I had my own PRE stallions. I instantly bonded with Camisa a 15.2hh grey PRE broodmare with Carthusian bloodlines. I was told all about her and saw her offspring at the yard.
When I left that day my Dad and I, were so impressed with Mandy's professionalism and her horses that I knew Camisa would shortly be mine. Two weeks later Camisa was home with us and she is everything Mandy has said she was. (at no time during our stay did we ever feel pressurised or rushed into anything and the the whole experience was a joy).
I will not hesitate to buy my future horses from Mandy at the Millpark Stud. Mandy obviously loves her horses and job and it shows.
Thank you Mandy for allowing me to buy a wonderful broodmare who has fitted into her new family very well and almost as though she has been with us forever. My fondest regards.
We first met Mandy when having our stallion graded a few years ago, which took place at Millpark stud. Mandy made us feel very welcome and at ease. We then couldn't help but admire her riding Neron at the breed show, a real pleasure to watch.
Lately, it turns out we had a shared passion for the cream gene, which led us to bring our cremello mare to Mandy's lovely chestnut stallion, in the hope of a part bred PRE in palamino. Having a small scale stud ourselves, we're very much aware of the experience needed to handle stallions covering mares. We felt totally secure leaving out mare in Mandy's capable hands and our girl took first time.
As time went on, we decided to look for a bay colt, carrying the red gene, to breed buckskins with our cremellos and possibly palaminos with our palamino filly. It then turned out Mandy had the most gorgeous 3/4 bred buckskin colt she was about to advertise, his name is Mill Barroco, we couldn't believe our eyes, the stunning colour, incredible movement and lovely temerament, his sire is Mill Gravitar, a stallion we very much admire and the dam, a super cremello, by Euclides. We had to have him ! he travelled quietly and soon made himself at home.
Thank you Mandy, we can't stop looking at him !
I have owned Spanish horses of 15 years now and have brought them from a number of sources.
Recently I saw a colt for sale and, seeing that he was from Millpark Stud I had every confidence that he would be as he was described and that he would be a quality colt. Such is the reputation already of Millpark and Mandy.
I had known of, and respected, Mandy throughout my years of showing and competing. When I made contact I was not disappointed. From the very first contact with her, through the viewings and the buying process she wasn't just what I expected, she was a whole lot more on top !
Not only were we made to feel very welcome but her deep knowledge of the breed, it's characteristics and lineage is unsurpassed by anyone I have met yet.
But she isn't just a welcoming, warm person with a wealth of knowledge and experience. What impressed me most is how her horses react with her. Any stud or yard can be spick and span when visitors arrive. Anyone can have polite staff and make you a cup of tea. It's the horses that give it away. They genuinly have affection for her and that is because every day, in every way, she understands them and she works WITH them to get the best out of each one. They come to the door to greet you, out of genuine trust and friendliness. They are well behaved, not out of fear but out of trust and respect and the fact that Mandy brings out the characteristics of this great breed.
The minute I saw Brio I had to have him. Not just because he is stunningly elegant and beautiful. But because at just one year old he had clearly been so expertly and professionally handled by someone with an indepth knowledge of the breed. He had been started absolutely correctly and that is worth its weight in gold when taking on a yougster.
I can honestly say that not only would I recommend Mandy and Millpark to anyone looking to buy a quality horse and to have advice and backup about the breed,but that I will most definitely be asking Mandy to source my next horse for me, such is my faith in her judgement and knowledge. I consider myself very lucky to have found Brio but also to have found Mandy as a new friend.