We think this page will be of interest to those viewers who are interested in our

breeding and bloodlines, and we would like to show you some of the sire's that

we have used as the building block's of our Millpark stock, I have tried to

remember all the horse's I have bred from these stallions, but over the

years I may have missed a few out, if so please let me know and I will add

them to the list.



Registration No. 190101001700628, date of birth 20th February 1979, 15.3hh

Grey, breeder Joaquin Rodriquez Moreno, de la villa, Spain, Sire Granadino X,

Dam Hernia.

Produced for the stud:

1998 Mill Hermoso, grey colt.

1998 Mill Bailaora, grey filly.

1999 Mill Ingeniosa, grey filly.

Bailaor II was the first PRE breed champion of the UK, he was very kindly

given to me by Lynn Whitting, he was a great, noble stallion, with a heart

of steel, we produced a lot of part bred stock by him that we sold on, if you

have one please send me the details, we would love to add you to the list.




Registration No. 1901010017GB007, date of birth 20th April 1985, 16.2hh, Grey

(chestnet), breeder Vincente Pereto Cardona of Alicante Spain, Sire Vanidoso,

Dam Egoista VI.

Produced for the stud:

1999 Mill Eclipse, grey filly.

2000 Mill Mosquetero, grey colt.

2000 Mill Esperijisma 1, bay filly.

2000 Mill Adivino, grey colt.

2001 Mill Lagrima, grey filly.

2001 Mill Aguila, grey filly.

Part breds included: Mill Bendicion, Mill Sonrisa, Mill Bendito, Mill Sangria.

Adonis-Rex (Don) Was very kindly loaned to me by his owner Wanda Lee-Jones,

he was a very gentle, kind, noble stallion that would put his whole heart into

everything he was ever asked to do, he loved dressage and jumped like a stag

even though he was blind in one eye, Wanda also used to drive him and the children

rode him, he was a star and loved by all who met him the photo I have used of him

was taken by Wanda the first time I ever rode him.




Registration No. 190101001700796, date of birth 5th February 1979, 15.2hh, grey,

breeder Caballos Espanoles SA, Sire Granadino X Dam Escara.

Produced for the stud:

1992 Mill Quimera, grey filly.

1996 Mill Encantada, grey filly.

Part breds included: Mill Tornado,

Mill Campeonato, Mill Maestria,

Mill Maravilla,

Mill Molino,

Mill Dominguero,

Mill Paraisa,

Mill Santiguar.

Balconero II (Balci) Came to me from my great friend Gerard Naprous,whom I

pestered day after day after day untill he agreed to sell him to me, where he

had a very full life doing shows and film work, he carried on having an exciting

life with us, with dressage, x-country, hunting, show jumping, he just loved life to

the full and was an angel to own.




Registration No. 190101001702225, date of birth 24th April 1981, 15.2hh, grey,

breeder Agricola Industrial Ganadera SA, Sire Justiciero V, Dam Campanera XII.

Produced for the stud:

1991 Mill Quisquilla, grey filly.

1991 Mill Cincucuenta, grey filly

Part bred: Millparks Diurna.

Campanero XIV was one of the UK's foundation stallions and multi breed show

champion, and a real character to know.




Registration No. 190101001813305, date of birth 30th April 1986, 16.00hh, grey,

breeder Senorio de Bariain SA, sire Isleno IV, Dam Castiza V.

Produced for the stud:

Galindo, grey colt.

Mill Devoto, grey colt.

Mill Jaleo, grey colt.

Karina XXXVI

Part bred: Kelly (Azteca)

Castizo was owned by my dear friend Jean-Louis Palacin, this is the ultimate dream

horse, he produced about 60 outstanding PRE's and many part breds that now live

all over the world.




Registration No. 190101001810335, date of birth 5th January 1984, 16.00hh, bay,

breeder Explotaciones Agropecuarias SA, Sire Dadivoso VII, Dam Gastadora V.

Produced for the stud:

2002 Mill Gotico, black colt.

2002 Mill Gravitar, bay colt.

2004 Mill Gastadora, grey filly.

2004 Mill Danzante, grey filly.

2004 Mill Sigilosa, grey filly.

2004 Mill Afamada, bay filly.

2004 Mill Molina, bay filly.

Gastador XII (Boy) Was very kindly loaned to me by his owner Margaret Shawcross,

Auntie Margaret as I like to call her, because she is one of the kindest, lovely people

you could ever get to know. He came here for 2 seasons and I have kept the

3 most outstanding of the offspring that he produced, and boy are they now

producing wonderfull foals of their own. Gastador has a very special place in my

heart, he was a great stallion to ride and work with, a horse I would love to

have owned.




Registration No. 190101002117414, date of birth 14th August 1996, 15.5hh, grey,

breeder Manuel Rivas Martinez, Sire Pasajero VII, Dam Dona III.

Produced for the stud:

2003 Mill Tesoro, grey colt.

2003 Mill Joyero, grey colt.

Mill Pequenez, Buckskin filly.

Diamante XXVI was only at our stud for a short while, but he left us with a wonderfull

filly that has gone on to produce outstanding stock for us.




Registration No. 190101001702762, date of birth 12th February 1982, 15.3hh,

Grey (Buckskin), breeder Joaquin Rodriquz Moreno, de la villa, Spain,

Sire Gitano 1964, Dam Hernia.

Produced for the stud:

1993 Mill Orgullosa, grey filly.

1994 Mill Sortilegio, grey colt.

1995 Mill Duquesa, grey filly.

1995 Mill Imperioso, grey filly.

1996 Mill Estupenda, grey filly.

1998 Mill Armonia, grey filly.

1998 MIll Aegeus, grey colt.

1999 Mill Festival, grey filly.

1999 Mill Legendario, grey colt.

Part breds produced for the stud: Mill Diestro, Mill Herocles, Mill Bellota,

Mill Orobatido, Mill Orosueno, Mill Canela, Mill Insolita. Mill Danzadora.

Euclides, I could write for ever about the greatest friend I could have ever wished

for in my life, he was everything I could dream of and much more, he forged

friendships in my life, that mean as much to me as he did. All I need to say is

"Thank you God for sending me this horse".




Registration No. 190101002110420, date of birth 15th January 1995, 15.3hh,

Overo ( black with primitive markings ), breeder Hros. de Fco. Alba Ayala, Sevilla, Spain,

Sire Lozano VIII, Dam Mejicana.

Produced for the stud:

2003 Mill Natillas, bay with primitive markings, filly.

2003 Mill Mitica, Overa filly.

2004 Mill Ufania, grey filly.

2005 Mill Ovacion, grey filly.

2005 Mill Idilico, grey colt.

2006 Mill Magia, Baya filly.

2007 Mill Unica, grey filly.

2007 Mill Noblezo, bay with primitive markings, colt.

2007 Mill Sonador, bay with primitive markings, colt.

2007 Mill Sequita, Grulla filly.

2007 Mill Fuega, Red with primitive markings, filly.

2008 Mill Glorisoso, bay with primitive markings, colt.

2008 Mill Garboso, Grullo colt.

2008 Mill Mariachi, grey colt.

2008 Mill Airoso, grey filly.

2008 Mill Monada, bay with primitive markings, filly.

2008 Mill Atento, grey colt.

2008 Mill Miel, bay with primitive markings, filly.

2008 Mill Besar, bay with primitive markings, filly.

2008 Mill Solista, grey filly.

2008 Mill Campana, grey filly.

2008 Mill Riqueza, grey filly.

2008 Mill Dulzura, grey filly.

2009 Mill Feria, bay with primitive markings, filly.

2009 Mill Umbroso, bay with primitive markings, colt.

2009 Mill Hechizo, grey colt.

2009 Mill Latina, grey filly.

2009 Mill Mexicano, Grullo colt.

2009 Mill Quimica, grey filly.

2009 Mill Cartujano, Grullo colt.

2009 Mill Mermelada, bay with primitive markings, filly.

2010 Mill Durazno, Bay with primitive markings, colt.

2010 Mill Cordobez, Grey, colt.

2010 Mill Oriundo, Bay with primitive markings,, colt.

2010 Mill Rojizo, Grey, colt.

2010 Mill Infanta, Grey, filly.

2010 Mill Cacao, Grullo, colt.

2010 Mill Carambo, Grullo, colt.

2010 Mill Burbuja, Bay with primitive markings,, filly.

2011 Mill Libre, Grey, filly.

2011 Mill Algido, Grullo, colt.

2011 Mill Sorpresa, Grey, Filly.

2012 Mill Conquista, Grey Filly.

2012 Mill Avellana, Grey Filly

2012 Mill Nuez, Bay with primitive markings, Colt.

2014 Mill Avalar, Grey (Grullo) Colt.

2015 Mill Mandarina, Red with primitive markings, Filly.

2015 Mill OPio, Grullo, Colt.

2015 Mill Ceriza, Grey Filly

2016 Mill Suerte, Grey Filly

2016 Mill Rivalizar, Bay Colt

2017 Mill Penumbra, Grey Filly

2017 Mill Melomano, Grullo Colt.

Mejicano XXIX, is just a fabulous stallion, outstanding temperament ,

outstanding conformation, outstanding colour, and outstanding sire !!!!




Registration No. 190101002113496, date of birth 14th March 1996, 16.1hh,

grey, breeder Manuel Moren Garcia, Yeguada el Allozar, Sire Novato XIV,

Dam Faraona XVIII.

Produced for the stud:

2004 Mill Manoso, grey colt.

2004 Mill Abonado, grey colt.

2005 Mill Cruz, grey colt.

2005 Mill Rescoldo, grey colt.

2005 Mill Capricho, grey colt.

2005 Mill Tirador, grey colt.

2006 Mill Clasica, grey filly.

2007 Mill Juego, greycolt.

2007 Mill Ascua, grey filly.

2008 Mill Hidalgo, grey colt.

2010 Mill Carinosa, Grey, filly.

2011 Mill Lindeza, Grey, filly.

Neron XII (Ronnie), I was the luckest person in the world to come across this

horse, I looked everywhere for 2 years to find a horse like him, to replace my

old stallion Euclides, he has everything excellent conformation, movement, size,

looks, and the quirkest character we just get on so well, and he produces such

amazing offspring.

2003 National Supreme Champion In-Hand, Functionality, and Movement Champion, Qualified for SICAB.

2004 National Supreme Champion In-Hand, Functionality, and Movement Champion, Qualified for SICAB. Winner of the Side Saddle class, Winner of the Parade Horse class.

2004 Bakewell County show Champion, and Parade horse Champion.

2005 BAPSH National Championship 6th and 2nd Side Saddle class and 2nd Parade horse class.

2006 BAPSH National Championship 6th and 2nd Side Saddle.





Registration No. 1901010023RU061, date of birth 23rd July 2002, 15.2hh, bay (with primitive markings)

, breeder Mandy Wheatcroft, Millpark Andalusians Stud,

Sire Gastador XII, Dam Esplendida XXVIII.

Produced for the stud:

2007 Mill Gitana, grey filly.

2008 Mill Castizo, bay with primitive markings, colt.

2010 Mill Destello, Grey, colt.

Part breds produced: 2008 Mill Barroco, buckskin colt.

2008 Mill Ilustre, buckskin filly.

2009 Mill Alejandro, Dunskin colt.

2009 Mill Casquivana, Dunskin filly.

2014 Mill Manchego, Dunskin Colt.

2016 Mill Magistrado, Bay Colt.

2017 Mill Adargo, Grey Colt.

Mill Gravitar, (Grav), Is the man, with parents like his he was a star the day he

was born, life would not be the same without this stallion around ! The cheeky boy




Registration No. 190101002417623, date of birth 24th March 2004, 15.3hh,

Grey (Buckskin), Breeder Las Cardenas, Sire Cavijo, Dam Barbara VIII.

Produced for the stud:

2011 Mill Luz, Buckskin, Filly.

2011 Mill Luchador, Grey , colt.

2011 Mill Jaque, Bay with primitive markings, Filly.

2012 Mill Sol, Buckskin with primitive markings, Colt.

2012 Mill Ensueno, Buckskin, Colt.

2012 Mill Dibuja, Buckskin, Filly.

2012 Mill Diamante, Buckskin, Filly.

2012 Mill Especia, Grey ,Filly.

2013 Mill Amoroso, Grey Colt.

2014 Mill Mazapan, Buckskin filly.

2014 Mill Balistica, Buckskin filly.

2014 Mill Bambu, Buckskin with primitive markings, filly.

2015 Mill Arquero, Grey Colt.

2015 Mill Mostaza, Buckskin, Filly

2015 Mill Golosina, Bay with primitive markings, Filly.

2015 Mill Volcan, Grey (buckskin) Colt.

2016 Mill Ganador, Bay Colt.

2016 Mill Magnifico, Buckskin Colt.

2016 Mill Piruli, Buckskin Filly.

2016 Mill Lechoso, Buckskin Colt.

2017 Mill Cascabel, Bay Filly.

2017, Mill Siempre, Grey Filly.

Kilate (Latte) is the epitome of a true Spanish horse, superb conformation,

and air of arrogance and superiorority, along with intelligence, kindness and

nobility, he has stepped straight out of the history books, and breeding

foals of perfection for me.

Image _______________________________________________________________________________________


Registration No. 190101002408462, Date of birth 16th July 2003, 15.3hh, Dark Bay, Genotype EE Aa, Breeder Agricola Y Ganadera Maipe S.A. Sire: Financiero II, Dam: Guajira XVI.

Produced for the stud:

2010 Mill Melaza, Grullo, Filly.

2010 Mill Ultimo, Grey , Colt

2011 Mill Azucar, Grey (bay), Colt.

2012 Mill Valeroso, Bay with primitive markings, Colt.

2014 Mill Geminis, Grey filly.

2017 Mill Zalamero, Grullo Colt.

2017 Mill Rezar, Grey Filly.

"Hero" Is a fine example of a stallion from the world famous "Maipe" Stud, this boy produces the most fantastic moveing youngsters with pure class and quality, true noble horses. A dream to ride and train, with so much heart and ambition in him.




Registration No. 1901010024FR442, Date of birth 15th April 2002, 15.2hh, Chestnut, Genotype ee Aa, Breeder Frederic Pelat, Sire: Ilusivo II, Dam: Ina IV.

Produced for the stud:

2010 Mill Guindilla, Red with primitive markings, Filly.

2011 Mill Real, Buckskin, Filly.

2011 Mill Ventura, Grey (bay), Filly.

2011 Mill Roca, Bay with primitive markings, Filly.

2011 Mill Aji, Red with primitive markings, Colt.

2012 Mill Ufano, Grey , Colt.

2012 Mill Opalo, Grey (chestnut), colt.

2012 Mill Mudanza, Palomino, Filly.

2013 Mill Caramela, Buckskin, Filly.

A rich fiery Chestnut with beautiful Carthusian bloodlines, aand the gentlest temperament, perhaps not my ideal stallion to look at, but I chose him for what he would produce with my mares and it has worked just as I had wished for, so his choosen youngstock will go on to stand at Millpark Stud and procuce excellent future stock.




Registration No.724015100267223, Date of birth26th June 2010, 16.1hh, Perlino, Genotype ggEEAACrCrppchchzz, Breeder Blas Sanjuan Frances, Sire: Cesar XIV, Dam: Mandarina XX.

Produced for the stud:

2016 Mill Alubia, Buckskin, Filly

2016 Mill Lujoso, Perlino, Colt

2016 Mill Aledanos, Buckskin, Colt

2016 Mill Enhorabuena, Buckskin, Filly

2016 Mill Celestial, Buckskin, Filly

2017 Mill Mina de Oro, Buckskin, Filly

2017 Mill Milagro, Buckskin, Colt

2017 Mill Amanecer, Buckskin, Filly

2017 Mill Pentecostes, Buckskin, Filly

2017 Mill Cerdito, Perlino, Colt

2017 Mill Solsticio, Buckskin, Colt

2017 Mill Opulento, Buckskin, Colt

2017 Mill Corazon, Buckskin, Colt